Soleil Tranquilli
Tranquill Gardens
9012 Meadowsweet Way
Elk Grove, CA 95624 UNITED STATES
916 685-8010

Design Only


Feng Shui Landscape Designer SOLEIL TRANQUILLI

Change your garden, transform your life.

Landscape is alive! Unify home and garden while honoring the environment and natural resources. I am deeply committed to water efficient landscapes (WEL). Creating wildlife habitat with California native plants is my delight. Inviting folks back into the garden is my passion.

Sometimes I take a break from my drafting table to bring The Shaman’s Garden on tour: A traveling collection of mystical and nature themed garden gifts. Beautiful handpainted Mexican pottery with jewel-like succulents, enchanting gifts of color and whimsy.

Turning your outdoor space into sanctuary. Divine design... One leaf at a time!

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