Soleil Tranquilli Tranquilli
Tranquill Gardens
ELK GROVE, CA 95624-2705 United States

Design Only


Soleil is a garden designer deeply committed to watershed-wise landscape practices. A collaborative creature by nature and with Nature, she is a community garden veteran, founder of the Elk Grove Community Garden in 1999. In 2012 she conspired to create the Greener Gardens Tours: producing 9 tours over 5 years to showcase lawnless frontyards in the cities of Elk Grove and Roseville. Being an Ecolandscaper, Green Gardener, QWEL, WWLP and a repeat APLD board member is how she stays connected with other industry creatives.
Soleil’s landscape design and feng shui practice aspires to spiritually connect people to their place on the planet. Inviting clients back into their own gardens is her passion.