Reka Foss
Foss Garden Design
761 Hilldale Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94708 United States
(510) 847-0102

Design Only

Nature girl to the core, my dedication is to nothing less than crafting the soul of your garden - your outdoor sanctuary for retreat, rest, renewal, connection, play, and celebration, the place where you feel deeply landed and belonging with the earth and your kin. My years of hands-on work kneeling on the earth have honed my skill of quietly listening to and quickly learning from the "genius loci", or “spirit of the place”: the uniquely individual characteristics, needs and longings of the soil, air, water, flora and fauna co-inhabiting and enlivening the outdoor spaces we call “outside”. I excel in the co-creative design process, of practical problem-solving, risking innovation, the discipline of designing to a budget and other project constraints, grokking the needs and desires of, and delivering on the dreams and vision of each family. I consider it an honor to facilitate weaving this interdependent web between homeowners and the earth, and to collaborate with families in nurturing your relationship with nature through the design of the garden of your dreams.

Bachelor of Arts, Landscape Architecture
College of Environmental Design, University of California at Berkeley

2019 CLCA East Bay, Small Design-Build, First Place “Front Hillside Extravaganza”
2018 CLCA East Bay, Medium Design-Build, Achievement “Modern Family Playspace”
2018 CLCA East Bay, Renovation, Achievement “From Flooding Gully to Contemporary Retreat”
2017 CLCA East Bay, Sustainable Landscape, First Place “Form & Flow: A Creekside Native Rain Garden”
2017 CLCA State Trophy Award, Sustainable Landscape, Outstanding Achievement: “Form & Flow: A Creekside Native Rain Garden”
2016 CLCA East Bay, Medium Design-Build, First Place “Petanque, anyone?”

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