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APLD 2017 International Landscape Design Conference

July 13 – 17, 2017
Boston, MA

Register now to join APLD at the Boston Park Plaza for the 2017 conference! The speakers are world class, the garden tours are nothing short of amazing and the business panels will get you ready to embrace your business, your design work and the rest of your design year.

Join the American Public Gardens Association in the Niagara region for a conference celebrating connections: heritage, partnerships and progress.

Learn presenter Scot Eckley's six key strategies to maximize and get the most out of small outdoor spaces, both visually and functionally. Topics will include specific planting strategies and how to use key landscape elements to create a sense of larger space.

Over the course of six sessions, this class covers the uses, cultural requirements, pests and diseases of the tried-and-true selections, as well as some new varieties.

Visit Piet Oudolf’s private garden and explore the bold designs of the influential Dutch Wave designers.

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