Certification Fee

APLD Standards of Practice

I hereby agree to abide by APLD (Association of Professional Landscape Designers) Standards of Practice. As stated below, I will ...

  • Utilize personal knowledge and skills for the greatest good of my clients and the environment.
  • Advance landscape design by continuing my professional education and exchanging knowledge with colleagues.
  • Be truthful in oral or written statements concerning the services I am qualified to offer.
  • Protect the environment and discourage damage to our natural resources.
  • Refrain from expressing an uninformed opinion on any issues relating to my profession.
  • Be loyal to clients or to the employing organization and faithfully perform assigned tasks.
  • Avoid making unfounded statements or criticizing colleagues for personal gain.
  • Participate in public service activities to educate the public about good landscape design and sound horticultural practices.
  • Conduct all matters relating to landscape design activities, business operation, and civic responsibilities in a manner that will further the status of landscape design as a respected profession.

APLD Eligibility and Requirements for Certification


Applicants for APLD Certification must be current Qualified Professional Members and have a minimum of three (3) years of professional landscape design experience. The education requirement generally equates to at least one year of the study of landscape design. Please see the Criteria page for more information on acceptable educational backgrounds. Course material covered should include residential landscape design, landscape drawing, plant materials and landscape construction and maintenance with an emphasis on the design process.

Submission Requirements

Three installed projects are required, a primary project and two additional projects. For all three a planting plan, design intent statement, plant list and before and after photographs are required. The primary project should represent the designer's skills most completely. The two additional projects should complement the primary submission by giving the review panel a greater view of the designer's abilities. The submission process is completed online. After reviewing all of the information, click on the link at the bottom of the page to begin.

Include all of the following items. Please read all of the materials on certification in the "Members Only" section on the website (www.apld.org) prior to preparing your submission.

·  Educational records. Include copies of transcripts and/or supporting documents and certificates showing courses and contact hours.

·  Three installed projects. These may be for a residence, business or commercial establishment, industrial or governmental project or other suitable project that demonstrate the applicant's professional capabilities. This should include circulation patterns, a mixture of trees, shrubs, groundcovers and perennials and the use of hardscape materials. They may include water features and landscape lighting. Keep in mind that your projects must meet the criteria listed in the application materials and on the score sheet (available at www.apld.org). A front yard in a modest sized yard may not do this.

·  A planting plan drawn to scale for each project (3) along with site, concept, hardscape and lighting plans and construction drawings where needed to fully describe the project.

·  A design intent statement for each project (3) that include how the designs meet the clients' functional and aesthetic needs; zoning, governmental and budget restrictions; existing site conditions and problems; off-site conditions, hardiness zones and arrangements for installation.

·  A complete plant list for each project (3) (botanical name, common name, quantity, size to be installed and remarks). Include a separate plant list for each project in addition to the plant lists on the plans.

·  Before and after photos of each project with no more than two photos per page.

·  Bids for installation, if appropriate.

·  Business statement. Briefly describe how you operate your business. What is your typical program with a client? How many designs do you complete in a year? What is your client base? Are you the sole owner, employee or partner?

·  A nonrefundable fee of $200. Submissions will be held for five years if certified, seven years if denied. Please note, your submission may be used for educational or promotional purposes.

Click here to download a guide to help you prepare your submission.


Maryanne Quincy, APLD, Chair, Certification Committee
408-739-5493, qgardens@sbcglobal.net

The APLD Certification Review Panels convene twice per year. Deadlines are February 1 and September 1.


Total Amount
Certification Statements
I hereby apply for certification in APLD (Association of Professional Landscape Designers). I attest to the accuracy of all information in this application and that the application materials, including plans and graphics, have been prepared by me in their entirety.
If accepted, I will abide by the Association's Bylaws, its Standards of Practice, support its objectives, pay established dues, and work toward maintaining and enhancing the quality and prestige of the Landscape Design profession.
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