Honors & Awards

Darrell Morrison (2017)
Bernard Trainor (2015)
Nancy Goslee Power (2014)
Anthony Archer‐Wills (2013)
Topher Delaney (2012)
Piet Oudolf (2010, awarded in 2011)
Isabelle Greene (2009)
C. Colston Burrell (2008)
James van Sweden (2007)
Julie Moir Messervy (2005, awarded in 2006)
John Brookes (2004)
Gregory M. Pierceall (2003)
W. Gary Smith (2002)
Wolfgang Oehme (2001)
Gary Rateway
Robin Williams, APLD
A.E. Bye
Peggy Connors, APLD
Donna Swansen, APLD

Bryan Goff, Minnesota Chapter

Bryan has been vital in the growth and momentum of APLD’s Minnesota Chapter over the last several years. As Acting Minnesota Chapter President, he kept the chapter accountable to consistent meetings and helped develop programming to create events with valuable information and topics. Bryan’s passion for professional landscape design and his commitment to education, APLD and his chapter is truly heartfelt and evident in everything he does to build up fellow designers, our association and the industry.

Linda Middleton, APLD (2017)
Cheri Stringer, APLD (2017)
Patricia St. John, APLD (2016)
Barbara Simon, APLD (2016)
Thomas Wilhelm, APLD (2016)
Carol Palansky (2015)
Maria von Brincken, APLD (2015)
Bill Einhorn, APLD (2014)
Barbara Hilty, APLD (2014)
Pamela Berstler (2014)
Paul Connolly, APLD (2013)
Mary Fisher, APLD (2013)
Amelia B. Lima, APLD (2013)
Jock Lewendon, APLD (2012)
Katherine Stokes-Shafer, APLD (2012)
Sharon Gibson (2012)

Jock Lewendon, APLD

Jock, a founding member of APLD, is fully committed to the organization and industry and has spent countless hours serving as a dedicated volunteer. In addition to serving on APLD’s national Board of Directors and as president of the New Jersey Chapter, Jock has served on the Advocacy Committee, Membership Committee, Education Committee, and APLD’s Working Taskforce for Association Framework. Whether it is mentoring one-on-one, advocating on behalf of his chapter, or working for all members at the national level, he embodies what it is to be a brand champion.

2017 – Vanessa Gardner Nagel, APLD, NCIDQ
2016 – Susan Cohan, APLD
2015 – Laura Kuhn
2014 – Bobbie Schwartz, FAPLD
2013 – Judy Nauseef, FAPLD
2012 – Patricia St. John, APLD
2010 – Samuel Salsbury, FAPLD
2009 – Rhonda Smith, APLD
2008 – Deanna Pillarelli, FAPLD
2007 – Linda Engstrom, FAPLD
2006 – Tina Nyce, FAPLD
2005 – Myrna Dowsett, FAPLD
2004 – Gerry Couch, FAPLD
2003 – H. Kibbe Turner, APLD
2002 – Tim Thoelecke, Jr., APLD
2000 – John Hetrick, APLD
1999 – Samuel Swansen, Esq.

Cheryl Buckwalter

Cheryl has led the way for regional and statewide sustainability programming, education, and opportunity for APLD members to participate in productive partnerships for change. As APLD Sacramento District president from 2007 – 2009, Cheryl solidified a now long-established structure of service and relationship between APLD members and EcoLandscape California, a non-profit corporation with the mission to educate and advocate for ecologically-responsible landscapes. Her list of collaborations and accomplishments are many, including state agencies and nonprofit organizations like the California Water Efficiency Partnership’s Landscape Sub-Committee. She is truly a model for all of us to be involved in organizations, issues and education that promotes lasting and ambitious change for the betterment of our communities, landscapes, and lives.

2017 – Toni Bailey
2016 – G3 Green Gardens Group
2015 – Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc. (Samuel Salsbury and Sabrena Schweyer)
2014 – Garth Conrad