Honors & Awards


Elevation to Fellow is the highest honor that APLD bestows on its members. It not only recognizes the achievements of an individual designer, but also elevates before the public and the profession an exceptional landscape designer who has made a significant contribution to the profession and the Association.

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Jane Berger, FAPLD
Gerry Crouch, FAPLD
Judy De Pue, FAPLD
Judy Nauseef, FAPLD
Tina Nyce, FAPLD
Deanna Pillarelli, FAPLD
Samuel Salsbury, FAPLD
Bobbie Schwartz, FAPLD
Sabrena Schweyer, FAPLD
Robin Williams, FAPLD

Award of Distinction

This award was established to recognize a landscape professional (APLD member or not) who has made a distinguished contribution to the Landscape Design Profession.

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Darrell Morrison

Professor of Landscape Architecture at University of Wisconsin and Honorary Chairman of Wild Ones Natural Landscapers, Darrell is one of the nation’s most distinguished native landscape designers and educators. His landscape work includes several of our most admired native landscapes, including the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Storm King Art Center, Old Stone Mill landscape at New York Botanical Garden, Utah Botanical Center in Kaysville, Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Native Plants Garden at University of Wisconsin.

Darrel Morrison

Bernard Trainor (2015)
Nancy Goslee Power (2014)
Anthony Archer‐Wills (2013)
Topher Delaney (2012)
Piet Oudolf (2010, awarded in 2011)
Isabelle Greene (2009)
C. Colston Burrell (2008)
James van Sweden (2007)
Julie Moir Messervy (2005, awarded in 2006)
John Brookes (2004)
Gregory M. Pierceall (2003)
W. Gary Smith (2002)
Wolfgang Oehme (2001)
Gary Rateway
Robin Williams, APLD
A.E. Bye
Peggy Connors, APLD
Donna Swansen, APLD

Chapter Service Award

The growth of APLD has been indebted to the enthusiasm and energy of local activists. This award is presented to a current member who has shown exemplary service in furthering the goals and work of an APLD Chapter or District.

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Linda Middleton, APLD, California Chapter

Linda, current president of the California Chapter, is generous in the time she devotes to APLD and has served in various positions with the California chapter and districts. She led the merger of four local districts into one Bay Area District and has demonstrated amazing energy in promoting and increasing the offerings of APLD membership benefits.

Cheri Stringer, APLD, Colorado Chapter

An APLD International award-winning designer, Cheri established the Colorado chapter and helped to guide it into the dynamic chapter it is today. She was integral in developing the chapter guidebook and devoted herself to its formatting and graphics.

Linda Middleton
Cheri Stringer

Patricia St. John, APLD (2016)
Barbara Simon, APLD (2016)
Thomas Wilhelm, APLD (2016)
Carol Palansky (2015)
Maria von Brincken, APLD (2015)
Bill Einhorn, APLD (2014)
Barbara Hilty, APLD (2014)
Pamela Berstler (2014)
Paul Connolly, APLD (2013)
Mary Fisher, APLD (2013)
Amelia B. Lima, APLD (2013)
Jock Lewendon, APLD (2012)
Katherine Stokes-Shafer, APLD (2012)
Sharon Gibson (2012)

Harry Schuster Service Award

This award honors founding member Harry Schuster, APLD and is presented to a current member who exhibits enthusiasm and selfless efforts towards furthering the mission of APLD either nationally or internationally.

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Vanessa Gardner Nagel, APLD, NCIDQ

Vanessa advocates tirelessly on behalf of landscape designers fighting for their rights to practice and promoting the benefit of their work. She has been involved in the Oregon chapter and served on the National APLD Board where she has been a major force on the Advocacy Committee and was instrumental in the membership level changes initiated in 2016. She is a firm supporter in the development of higher standards and raising the bar of the profession. In her work on the APLD Education Committee, she helped develop continuing education programs.

Vanessa Gardner Nagel

2016 – Susan Cohan, APLD
2015 – Laura Kuhn
2014 – Bobbie Schwartz, FAPLD
2013 – Judy Nauseef, FAPLD
2012 – Patricia St. John, APLD
2010 – Samuel Salsbury, FAPLD
2009 – Rhonda Smith, APLD
2008 – Deanna Pillarelli, FAPLD
2007 – Linda Engstrom, FAPLD
2006 – Tina Nyce, FAPLD
2005 – Myrna Dowsett, FAPLD
2004 – Gerry Couch, FAPLD
2003 – H. Kibbe Turner, APLD
2002 – Tim Thoelecke, Jr., APLD
2000 – John Hetrick, APLD
1999 – Samuel Swansen, Esq.

Award for Leadership in Landscape Sustainability

This award was established to recognize an individual or organization that has demonstrated a commitment to environmental sustainability through outstanding leadership, advocacy, projects, initiatives, writing and/or education, resulting in benefits to both nature and the practice of landscape design. The recipient’s work should have broad impact, preferably on a regional, national or international scale.

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Toni Bailey

Toni is a sustainable landscape designer and consultant whose efforts through design, education, leadership and advocacy are making a difference. She contributes to APLD’s growing knowledge and promotion of sustainability through service on committees, updating of the website’s sustainability page, completion of a soils guide and recruitment of APLD members to get involved. She proposed and shepherded to adoption APLD’s first environmental sustainability policy.

Toni Bailey

2016 – G3 Green Gardens Group
2015 – Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc. (Samuel Salsbury and Sabrena Schweyer)
2014 – Garth Conrad