Honors & Awards

Suzanne Arca, FAPLD
Stephanie Bartron, FAPLD
Janet Bell, FAPLD
Randy Berg, FAPLD
Roberta Braegelmann, FAPLD
Cindy Bryars, FAPLD
Cathy Carr, FAPLD
Susan Cohan, FAPLD
Catherine Conn, FAPLD
Paul Connolly, FAPLD
Gerry Crouch, FAPLD
Judy De Pue, FAPLD
Darlene Dumaine, FAPLD
Mary Fisher, FAPLD
Alison Fleck, FAPLD
Geoff Fornari, FAPLD
Julianne Frizzell, FAPLD
Astrid Gaiser, FAPLD
Vanessa Gardner Nagel, FAPLD
Cynthia Giejda, FAPLD
Donna Giguere, FAPLD
Marilyn Guidroz, FAPLD
Jennifer Hoxsie, FAPLD
Kathy Hubner, FAPLD
Barbara Jackel, FAPLD
Ellen Johnston, FAPLD
William Jonson, FAPLD
Graham Kimak, FAPLD
Rick Laughlin, FAPLD
Kathryn Leech, FAPLD
Connie Lefkowits, FAPLD
Jock Lewendon, FAPLD
Amelia Lima, FAPLD
Daniel Lowery, FAPLD
Barbara Lycett, FAPLD
Danilo Maffei, FAPLD
Nick McCullough, FAPLD
Marion McNew, FAPLD
Linda Middleton, FAPLD
Chris Mikol, FAPLD
Scott Mortensen, FAPLD
Laura Morton, FAPLD
Helen Mulry, FAPLD
Sara Muspratt, FAPLD
Judy Nauseef, FAPLD
Marti Neely, FAPLD
Tina Nyce, FAPLD
Susan Oakley, FAPLD
Susan Olinger, FAPLD
Kristin Pategas, FAPLD
Deanna Pillarelli, FAPLD
Lisa Port, FAPLD
Kathryn Prideaux, FAPLD
Maryanne Quincy, FAPLD
Bill Ripley, FAPLD
Ann Rosmarin, FAPLD
Samuel Salsbury, FAPLD
Richard Schipul, FAPLD
Bobbie  Schwartz, FAPLD
Barbara Simon, FAPLD
Patricia St. John, FAPLD
George Stumpf, FAPLD
Susie Thompson, FAPLD
Carol Vander Meulen, FAPLD
Annette Vierling, FAPLD
Nicholas Walker, FAPLD
Larry Weaner, FAPLD
Thomas Wilhelm, FAPLD
Joyce Williams, FAPLD
Robin Templar Williams, FAPLD

Larry Weaner, FAPLD

Larry Weaner, founder of New Directions in the American Landscape (NDAL), an organization dedicated to educational programming in ecological landscape design, is the winner of the 2021 APLD Award of Distinction.

Weaner is the principal of Larry Weaner Landscape Associates, and his firm’s design and restoration work spans more than 20 states in the U.S. and U.K.

He has been profiled in national publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Landscape Architecture Magazine.

Weaner has received numerous awards, including the Landscape Design Award from the New England Wildflower Society for use of native plants in “exceptional and distinctive landscape compositions” and the Lady Bird Johnson Environmental Award from The Native Plant Center. He also has been honored by the Garden Club of America and the American Horticultural Society.

A well-known and respected speaker and author, Weaner is a founding member of APLD and served on its environmental committee.

Vanessa Gardner Nagel, FAPLD, NCIDQ (2020)
Jan Johnsen (2019)
Darrell Morrison (2017)
Bernard Trainor (2015)
Nancy Goslee Power (2014)
Anthony Archer‐Wills (2013)
Topher Delaney (2012)
Piet Oudolf (2010, awarded in 2011)
Isabelle Greene (2009)
C. Colston Burrell (2008)
James van Sweden (2007)
Julie Moir Messervy (2005, awarded in 2006)
John Brookes (2004)
Gregory M. Pierceall (2003)
W. Gary Smith (2002)
Wolfgang Oehme (2001)
Gary Rateway
Robin Williams, FAPLD (deceased)
A.E. Bye
Peggy Connors, FAPLD (deceased)
Donna Swansen, FAPLD Retired

Laura Morton, FAPLD, California Chapter

Morton, of Laura Morton Designs, is described as a consummate landscape design professional, leader, mentor and collaborator. She has long history of service to the California Chapter, including sponsorship chair, membership chair, president and co-founder and president of the APLD Greater Los Angeles District Chapter. When Morton and a handful of colleagues founded the GLA – the Greater Los Angeles District—it marked a pivotal step toward the California Chapter truly having a state-wide presence.

Marilyn Guidroz, FAPLD, California Chapter

Guidroz, of Marilyn’s Garden Design, and a founding member, past president and treasurer of the San Diego District, has not only provided leadership but also offers boundless professional advice and support and is a strong advocate of member certification. She is known for handling difficult issues with ease and professionalism and is an inspiration to many.

Carolyn Mullet, DC-MD-VA Chapter

Mullet, of Carex Garden Design, is a founding member of the DC-MD-VA chapter. Under her leadership as president, the chapter has attracted new members who are enthusiastically taking up projects. The chapter now has three major events annually—a fall business-oriented meeting, a winter lecture series and a spring tour of gardens designed by local members. In addition, Mullet has overseen the establishment of a system to ensure continuity of leadership in future years.

Kelley Oklesson, DC-MD-VA Chapter

Oklesson, of Groundsmith Collective, has served as public relations chair for her chapter and chairs the chapter’s pro bono project. This ongoing project involves restoration of a park with ties to the Black community in Baltimore, creating invaluable ties between the chapter and the community. Oklesson always shares her knowledge willingly and has a strong philosophy of service to all.

Tina Nyce, FAPLD (2020)
Bill Ripley, FAPLD (2020)
Anna Brooks (2019)
Bryan Goff (2018)
Linda Middleton, FAPLD (2017)
Cheri Stringer, FAPLD (2017)
Patricia St. John, FAPLD (2016)
Barbara Simon, FAPLD (2016)
Thomas Wilhelm, FAPLD (2016)
Carol Palansky (2015)
Maria von Brincken (2015)
Bill Einhorn (2014)
Barbara Hilty (2014)
Pamela Berstler (2014)
Paul Connolly, FAPLD (2013)
Mary Fisher, FAPLD (2013)
Amelia B. Lima, FAPLD (2013)
Jock Lewendon, FAPLD (2012)
Katherine Stokes-Shafer, APLD Retired (2012)
Sharon Gibson (2012)

Marti Neely, FAPLD

Marti Neely, FAPLD, is the winner of the 2021 Harry Schuster Service Award, given to a member in recognition of enthusiasm and selfless efforts toward furthering the mission of APLD, either nationally or internationally.

The award honors founding APLD member Harry Schuster, who was known for his enthusiasm for the industry, his energy in recruiting new members and his desire to mentor many landscape designers.

The person who nominated our winner said that Neely’s enthusiasm for everything garden and design is surpassed only by her love for and support of APLD!

Neely’s long-time work as a leader of APLD has helped develop our certification program and furthered our education efforts.

Neely has served on countless committees, including certification chair and president of the APLD Board of Directors.

2020 – Lisa Port, FAPLD
2018 – Jock Lewendon, FAPLD
2017 – Vanessa Gardner Nagel, FAPLD, NCIDQ
2016 – Susan Cohan, FAPLD
2015 – Laura Kuhn
2014 – Bobbie Schwartz, FAPLD
2013 – Judy Nauseef, FAPLD
2012 – Patricia St. John, FAPLD
2010 – Samuel Salsbury, FAPLD
2009 – Rhonda Smith
2008 – Deanna Pillarelli, FAPLD
2007 – Linda Engstrom
2006 – Tina Nyce, FAPLD
2005 – Myrna Dowsett
2004 – Gerry Crouch, FAPLD
2003 – H. Kibbe Turner
2002 – Tim Thoelecke, Jr.
2000 – John Hetrick
1999 – Samuel Swansen, Esq.

2018 – Cheryl Buckwalter
2017 – Toni Bailey
2016 – G3 Green Gardens Group
2015 – Salsbury-Schweyer, Inc. (Samuel Salsbury, FAPLD and Sabrena Schweyer)
2014 – Garth Conrad (deceased)