As an organization committed to stewardship of the land, the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) is profoundly concerned about the green industry’s reliance on horticultural plastics. Plastic pots significantly contribute to the proliferation of plastic pollution, with numerous adverse environmental effects. In response, APLD created the Healthy Pots, Healthy Planet initiative dedicated to finding a more sustainable product for growing, shipping, and selling plant material.

Plastics Mess on Aisle 2 in the Green Industry

Marie Chieppo speaks about the use of plastic pots on the Mike Nowak Show with Peggy Malecki.

Through APLD’s Healthy Pots, Healthy Planet initiative the following individuals and businesses have signed to voice their support of finding a more sustainable alternative to horticultural plastics.

Toni Bailey, Gracefully Green, LLC
Jennifer Bakshi, Urban Oasis Landscape Design
Mel Bellar, Zone4 Landscapes
Cris Blackstone, Make Scents NH
Beth Ann Block, Block’s Nursery, Inc.
Jérôme Bouillon, Arborenciel S-T-E
Robert Boyker, Avid Landscape Design & Development LLC
James Boynton, Boynton Design
Kim Brandt, Kim’s Garden Kart
Mark Brotton, Living Water Irrigation & Landscape, LLC
Cheryl Buckwalter, Landscape Liaisons
Lauri Burrier, Lauri Burrier Garden Design, Inc.
Darsie Cahall, American Plant
Linda Carney, Linda’s Landscape Design, LLC
Josh Carpenter, Landscape Evolution LLC
Cathy Carr, GreenHeart, LLC
Kelly Carter Mortimer, Big Picture Landscapes
Marie Chieppo, EcoPlantPlans, LLC
Janet Cohen, Honest Gardens
Ruth Consoli, Ruth Consoli Design
Janet Coppage, Vectorworks
Sarah Cornwell, Mayfield Plant Co
Natalie Cousins-Robledo, Minanda Landscape Design
Kim D’Amico, City of Raleigh
Mary Dateo, Dateo Design
Elizabeth Doyle, Yankee Clippers Corporation
Sara Erb, Heaven & Earth, LLC
Arleen Ferrara, Satori Garden Design
Susan Flint, Flint Garden Designs
Abbey Forney, Abbey Gardens
Eric Gilbey, Vectorworks
Julie Hawley, Belvedere Design Group
Tim Heelan, Stonepocket Inc
Catherine Hessamodini
Martine Jaworski, M. A. Jaworski Landscape Design
Geneviève Joëlle Villamizar, Backcountry Backyards | Designing Better Habitat for Humans
Judy Johns Schloegel, C+I Services, LLC
Kelly Kilpatrick, Floradora Garden Design
Christine Krause, Christine Krause Design Studio
Leigh LaClair, LaClairity, LLC
Tim Lee, Timothy Lee Landscape Design
Petra Longley, A Land Of Design Inc.
Danilo Maffei, Maffei Landscape Design, LLC
Katherine McConnell, Katherine McConnell Landscapes
Sacha McCrae, Living Gardens Landscape Design
Brooke Merriam, Sunflower Designs
Tricia Middleton, Tricia Middleton Designs
Chris Mikol, Executive Landscaping
Carolyn Mullet, CarexTours
Monica Murphy, Inspired Gardens
Judy Nauseef, Judy Nauseef Landscape Design
Lynley Ogilvie, Lynley Ogilvie Landscape Design LLC
Kathleen Osore, Gardens for All Seasons
Dorothy Pedersen, Nature’s Garden LLC
Jannike Petrovska, Humpty Dumpty House Foundation
Kara Pewthers, Perfect Circle Gardens
Lisa Port, Banyon Tree Design Studio
Elizabeth Powers, The Garden Angels
Wickie Rowland, Forget-Me-Not Design, LLC
Linda Rude, Linda Rude Design
Jack Sellinger, Earth Element Designs
Stacy Smith, Sweet Loam Fine Gardening LLC
Sarah Strickler, Strickler Garden Design & Mainte
Nancy Striniste, EarlySpace, LLC
Olga Stritar, Artistic Garden Designs
Christina Sym, reScape
Katie Weber, Katie Weber Landscape Design
Rinda West, Rinda West Landscape Designs
Laura Wildfong, Northwest Nurseries
Gail Woolcott, New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association
Johanna Woollcott, Wild Gardens
Dave Zimmerman, Zimmerman Landscaping LLC / Island Designs Landscape & Storm Water Solutions LLC