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I'm Stephen Coan of Stephen Coan, LLC a Landscape Designer and Horticulturist, that creates beautiful nature inspired gardens and landscapes that are environmentally friendly using sustainable green practices with a combination of hardscapes and the use of native and ornamental plant species.

I'm an ecological landscape design artist that is located at Ferret Hollow Gardens and has been certified by Longwood Gardens in Landscape Design and Ornamental Horticulture Level 2. I provide garden and landscape consulting, landscape design, Master Plans, garden design, planting design, land art, sculpture, plant lists, native pollinator management, project installation consulting services, planting installation, and garden coaching for residential, commercial, institutional, and public gardens. Meadows, rain gardens, butterfly gardens, pollinator gardens, water features, custom stone, wood and metal work, benches, arbors, land sculptures, land forming, lighting, and wildlife habitat garden projects using sustainable green practices with a combination of native and ornamental plant species that are site appropriate for the soil, lighting, and environmental conditions, that are not considered to be invasive plants or harmful to the environment or local ecosystem.

One of my favorite design projects is the design of a Labyrinth and Native Plant Wildlife Habitat for the Montessori Academy of Delran, NJ Upper Elementary and Adolescent Program. For the article written about it:

My favorite community service project is that I am the team leader for the Collingswood, NJ Community Wildlife Habitat Project through the National Wildlife Federation. I am consulting, designing, organizing and running the project to have the entire town designated as a Wildlife Habitat by getting multiple homes, town properties, parks, schools, churches, businesses, community centers, etc. to install and be set up with environmentally friendly habitat gardens that meet the requirements of the program. Think Butterfly Gardens.

I'm also a garden writer for the Patch Network websites in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, a series of local news sites for towns in many States across the Country.

Stephen Coan

Stephen Coan LLC

Located at Ferret Hollow Gardens