Patricia St. John
St. John Landscapes
1635 Le Roy Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94709 United States

Design Only


I love working with homeowners to design and develop a garden that brings them joy. My hope is that the garden will be a serene connection with the beauty of living plants, birds, butterflies, etc. and and become a place to relax and 'just be'.

I've lived in the San Francisco Bay Area all my life and feel a deep connection to the living system that surrounds us. I do everything I can to nurture the plant life, the soil, the wildlife, and all that works to sustain the life around us.

Most recently I have taught an Edible Landscaping class at Merritt College and think that it would be great if all of us could grow some of our own food: it would enrich our lives, help us connect-very personally-with our food sources and provide us with healthy, nourishing food.

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