Jerry Kohn
Jerry J Kohn
14578 Hesby Street
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 United States
(818) 687-8549



Jerry insists that your outdoor landscape is considerably more that just pretty design drawings, and elevates your exterior spaces by uncovering its hidden potential. He strives to make your outdoor surroundings truly livable and enjoyable, while being guided by the principle that the most important things to deal with are the very things most people don’t usually associate with the word “landscape”.

Jerry focuses on:
-how people enter and exit their home and move around their yard;
-how to extend the comfort level that exists within your home to your living spaces outside;
-how to complement a warm, comfortable place for lounging, or even construct an outdoor entertaining space;
-how to enhance your outdoor areas that intrigue and stimulate you or just relax and calm you;
-how to showcase a space that feels good, a place that you love, a place that reveals to you, "I am home."​

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