The APLD certification program provides professional recognition to landscape designers based on established standards of excellence. This process encourages self-assessment by offering guidelines for achievement. Certification is available for APLD Qualified Professional members in good standing, who have been practicing landscape design for a minimum of three years.

Our certification process is to evaluate the candidates’ submitted work. It is not an educational curriculum. The submission consists of three installed projects and requires drawings, plant list, design intent statement and photographs.

To encourage our members that are certified to continue their education, we require 30 contact hours of continuing education units (CEUs) every three years.

The certification committee has developed a review process for landscape designers to become certified. Ours is the only international certification program for landscape designers. The evaluation process includes review of submitted plans and other data as well as keeping track of and assigning CEUs, which are required for maintaining certification. Committee members are divided regionally. All submissions are kept confidential.

The APLD Certification Review Panel convenes two times each year to review certification applications. The current review schedule is February and September. Applications and the nonrefundable $200 are due by February 1 and September 1.